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Captain Craig's Radio Bio (1975-Present)

Captain Craig


"Pilot Of The Airwaves"

"Captain Craig" (real name, Gregg) landed his first on-air radio job at age 16 on local Glennville, GA radio station WKIG.  Gregg spent four years at the small AM/FM combo "learning how be a DJ", all the while hoping to work at a bigger station.  (His favorite radio station as a teenager was 98Q in Vidalia, GA.)  Gregg's big break came in 1979 when WSGF-FM (95SGF) in Savannah, GA called.

WSGF is where Gregg acquired his radio name "Captain Craig" - "The Pilot Of The Airwaves" (a reference to the then current hit song "Pilot Of The Airwaves" by Charlie Dore).  Craig also did part-time work on WSGF's sister station, WKBX-AM (63KBX) where he was the inaugural host of one of  America's first AM disco radio shows called "Night Fever".  The highlight of Captain Craig's tenure at WSGF was going into Ragdoll Studios with other station jocks to record a rap record called "Unwrapper's Delight", featuring the 95SGF DJ's rapping a Christmas take-off on The Sugarhill Gang's hit rap tune "Rapper's Delight".

Captain Craig did middays, then evenings at WSGF, before being lured to Jacksonville, FL in 1980 by WIVY-FM (Y103).  This is the radio station that Craig had set his long range goals on, only the offer came sooner than expected (age 21).

In 1981, WKTM-FM (K102) in Charleston, SC offered Craig its midday shift so up the coast he went.  After six months at WKTM, Gregg decided to pull the plug on his full-time radio career to pursue other facets of the music business.  He did, however, work part-time at cross town rival WSSX-FM (95SX) for several months before being relocated out-of-state for his full-time job.   Augusta, Montgomery, Birmingham... the U-Haul was on the move.

Gregg arrived in Atlanta in the late 80's.  At this point, it had been almost a decade since since "The Captain" last put on the headphones and sat behind the mic.  (He was "temporarily" hired by Y106 FM-Atlanta in the late 80's but never did a single on-air shift... Hey, that's another story for another time.)  Regardless, his love for music endured.  In 1988, he was hired as a freelance writer for Gwinnett Weekly entertainment magazine.  "INTUNE" music news was a featured weekly music column in the publication.

We fast forward to 1997 - Gregg, I mean, Captain Craig reads an article in an Atlanta newspaper about WLKQ-FM (Lake 102) where it mentions the station's large oldies library and the fact that it is always looking for "hard to find" songs to add to the station's playlist.  Being a music connoisseur, Craig calls to see if he can be of service.  To make a long story short, Craig's background in broadcasting came up and he was presented the opportunity to get back on the air after 15 years away from the microphone.

Captain Craig Kelley worked on-air at Oldies Lake 102 FM from 1997 through 2004.  Every Saturday morning, "The Captain" shared with listeners his "Lost Oldies" and broad music knowledge as "The Pilot Of The Airwaves".  (In April 2004, Oldies Lake 102 changed format.)  Remember Lake 102's Annual Beach Party?

Captain Craig has logged OVER 10,000 hours on the radio airwaves.  What's next?...  Stay tuned...

Note: CLICK HERE to listen to Captain Craig "on the air" at various radio stations throughout the South.  You will also be able to view photos and other memorabilia from his radio scrapbook.  You can check out Captain Craig "Tidbits" (Did Ya Know?) here!

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